Baja Cali's Standard On-Site Catering Package 

3 tacos per person

Fried Fish + choice of 2 proteins:

Carne asada / Chicken / Carnitas / Al pastor

Appetizer: Fish Ceviche Tostada 

.Sides: Rice & Beans 

Beverage: Agua Fresca 

  • 2 Hours of Food Service (+ 1 hour of set up and tear down time)

  • Additional guests can be added at $10/each
  • Additional Hours can be added at $75 each

  • Package includes plates, utensils, napkins, cups

  • No travel fee for events within 9 miles 2001 W. Valley Blvd.

If you have an urgent matter and it is outside of our
office hours, please call one of our restaurant locations.


request a booking!

Aguas Fresca - Choose 1 Flavor

Appetizer includes a tray of fish ceviche 

(or more depending on your group size)

Tacos include Fish & Choice of 2 Proteins:

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